HVAC Control System Integration

Our Direct Digital Control (DDC) system integration delivers projects with fully open architecture that allows the many systems within a facility to be integrated and become interoperable. The DDC system allows us to develop a clear understanding of the needs of our customer and their facility in which each design is based on this foundation.  Upon project completion, our customers will be rest assured that each and every detail has been covered.


We offer cost saving practices and smart building technology in which both are becoming a must.  If existing systems are in disrepair or inefficient, we will conduct an energy assessment, install or upgrade an energy efficient system or integrate entire building systems to one platform. In this way we can maximize efficiency and provide more control therefore saving time and operating cost.

Our expert team will help you:

  • Conduct an energy assessment
  • Plan and install a custom energy efficient system to meet your needs
  • Track energy consumption and overall building efficiency
  • LEED certification and improve overall Energy Star Rating
  • Identify rebates and tax incentives
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DDC Control – Delivering exceptional environments to the customer

  • Open protocol
  • Meets any building management need
  • Wireless or wired field controllers and devices providing direct closed-loop control over mechanical and HVAC equipment
  • Supervisory controllers deliver network-wide coordination for single or multiple sites; the result is an integrated, comprehensive control solution
  • Multiple networking communications
  • Seamless data sharing across your network
  • Remote access via multiple communication technologies
  • Easy to see, easy to use graphic user interface
  • Create a building automation system that’s as simple or as sophisticated as you need
  • High performance, not high maintenance
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